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2021-11-12 07:47:03 By : Mr. Willie Huang

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24 hours after my son was born, it was his first bath time. I learned that this is a big deal. I don’t know this is such an important coming-of-age ceremony, but it turns out that I was not completely wrong.

Before 2017, it was common practice to bathe babies soon after they were born. Birth, bath, bond, prosperity! Recent studies have shown that not only can you wait for a bath, but delaying bathing is very beneficial for both the baby and mother. Studies have shown that babies who take a bath 14 hours after birth are less likely to have problems controlling body temperature and blood sugar levels, and tend to be more successful in breastfeeding.

All these benefits are obviously a huge victory for me and my son, but when the nurse came to rinse my little guy, I was a little nervous. In addition, what worries me even more is that I have never bathed a little baby before. What if he gets soap in his eyes or I don’t wash between his toes? ! Since I am a visual learner and sports fan, I decided to treat my baby's first bath as an instant replay of the football game. Once we leave the hospital, I need video clips for reference. I also need to conduct a detailed game-by-game of what happened on the court. So I recorded my son's first bath from beginning to end, and asked the nurse to describe exactly what she was doing along the way.

It’s not difficult to come and discover that bathing a baby is not difficult, but it can be daunting at first. The baby is so small, so wobbly, and very slippery when flushed with a hose. After watching my shower time documentary, my main gains are:

It will be a bit tricky at first, but you will get the hang of it. Just breathe and bathe! Here are some products approved by mothers to help you get started.

If your house is the same as mine, and you have two full showers and zero bathtubs, then this is a good choice for you. This bathtub is foldable and easy to carry (and also suitable for travel), making it ideal for newborns and children under 4 years of age.

Will the baby turn off dandruff? Well, kind of. Most babies will have a ring of cradle caps, where small crusty scales will grow on their scalp. It doesn't hurt or itchy, but it looks a bit nauseous and flakes like dandruff. This three-step system will help to nip the situation in the bud and let your child wear his or her favorite black one-piece without any worries!

You will learn early on that babies’ nails are thin, but they are as sharp as daggers and need to be trimmed. In order to overcome the initial fear of harming my baby, I need an optimal environment to cut my son's nails. The best advice I received was to trim my son's nails after taking a bath. He will be completely immersed in the warm bathtub, so it is unlikely to twist.

Aquaphor, a name you will be as familiar as yourself. It can cure everything: diaper rash, dry skin, chapped lips, you can think of it! This great gift set comes with healing ointments, diaper rash cream, shampoo and shampoo, and wipes. Everything you and your baby need before, during and after bathing.

When your baby is old enough to fight with you in the bath, throw these little guys into the water and wait for a positive attitude change. It is very suitable for children three years old and above. These small light cubes will glow with the loss of water and gradually disappear.

The moms in my network are full of praise for this Fisher bathtub. It is durable and flexible. It will grow with your baby from the first bathing of the newborn to the spacious toddler bathtub.

Use this unique bathtub to keep your baby's bath water warm and keep the bathtub clean. This bathtub uses an innovative design to provide your baby with a steady stream of clean and warm water. This bathtub also includes a built-in digital thermometer to let you know that your baby's bath water is just right.

Another good way to coax your child into the bath is to wear fun and friendly bath gloves. This glove has an internal soap bag that can store bars of soap and liquid soap, and it can also be machine washed.

This bathtub is an excellent alternative to traditional bathtubs. It fits most sinks and is suitable for newborns under 6 months.

I'm a fool of baby hooded towels. To be honest, any towel with a hood can do the job, but the towel that wraps your baby in a small dinosaur is super Instagram-friendly. This package comes with three towels and six towels.

They call it flush and run technology, but I call it a godsend. This convenient splash guard prevents water and soap from entering your baby's eyes and mouth, and makes your ears whine endlessly. Everyone wins!

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