I will never do toilet training for my 14-month-old son-when he asks to go to the toilet, I will tell him how to use the toilet

2021-11-12 07:47:50 By : Ms. Ada chen

A mother said that she would not train her 14-month-old son to use the toilet until he asked him to use the toilet—some people said it was negligent, but others thought it was a good idea. 

Mom and internet celebrity Alice has become popular for her unique parenting method: she said she thinks infant formula should be illegal, she refuses to apply sunscreen to her baby, and she lets her baby eat sand.

Her toilet training method became popular again-she didn't plan to train her son at all.

One commenter asked: "When and how do you plan to train Fern for toileting? My son is 22 months old and I don't think he is ready yet. I think we will only follow in his footsteps!"

The mother replied: "We don't plan to train him at all. When he asks to use the toilet, we will tell him how to use it."

The video received 39,000 likes, and commentators questioned the mother's actions.

One confused commenter wrote: "Wait. So, what if he has not asked to "go to the toilet" when he is 5 years old? Will he go to school in a diaper?"

"Kids need guidance...you are an adult. They are looking for you. So you can tell him when you are ready to start trying," one audience member said, while another audience member added: "I don't know if this is ironic. ."

One person simply said: "This is negligence."

"What if he is 13 years old and he still pulls up to go to the bathroom?" another person asked.

However, some parents think that Alice's idea is correct.

An enthusiastic audience wrote: "I agree. Let them lead and choose. It's much easier!"

"My son is 4.5 years old and he finally shows all signs that he is ready for toilet training. Don't rush them!" another added.

The third agreed: "You are all crazy. She will not force him to go to the toilet before he is ready. The only reason is convenience. Most children are ready before the age of 4 without toilet training. "

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